Photo: lifeguards at Lazonby Pool

Lifeguard team

Lazonby Pool has a team of fully qualified Lifeguards that cover part-time shifts throughout the Pool Season from May to September. The Lifeguard Team is managed by a Pool Team Leader, who is also trained in Pool Plant Management.

All Lifeguards get regular ongoing training in:

  • Pool Procedures, including ensuring the Pool is safe and ready to open to the public, pool water testing to ensure the water quality is safe.
  • Emergency Procedures, including Resuscitation and use of Heart start Defibrillator
  • Emergency scenarios – where lifeguards practise ‘scenarios’ in the Pool.
  • Medical Issues, including choking, cuts & head injuries, stings, allergic reactions & asthmatic attacks, convulsions.
  • Safeguarding Issues – how to recognise child protection & safeguarding issues and what responses are necessary.
  • Dealing with the Public – being alert to inappropriate, rowdy or unsafe behaviour and how to manage this, especially in a busy Pool.

Lifeguard recruitment

The majority of our lifeguards are young people and adults between the ages of 16 & 21. The Lifeguard training has to be ‘refreshed’ every 2 years so we often have a fluctuating team of lifeguards. This means that we often have vacancies for lifeguards at the start of every season.

The Lifeguard Training is held over one week of the School Easter Holiday in the Penrith area every year. There are a limited number of places available to all the Pools in Eden, so we have to bid for places for recruits to Lazonby Pool. If you might be interested in applying for the position of Lifeguard at Lazonby, then we have a taster session for future potential lifeguards at the end of each season in September, when you will have a chance to find out what swimming ability you need to apply. Please contact: in early September if you are interested in applying for next season's positions.

A statement of interest is required to be considered for the training and employment on becoming a Lifeguard at Lazonby Pool is conditional on:

  • Passing the STA Level 2 Award –Pool Lifeguard (QCF)).
  • Satisfactory references
  • An enhanced DBS Disclosure
  • A commitment to being available for regular shifts, including weekends and holidays
  • A commitment to working for the Pool for at least 2 years

Please contact the Pool as soon as possible if you are interested in training to be a Lifeguard for the coming season. Places are limited.


The Pool now has its own Heart Start Defibrillator. It is situated on the side of the Toilet Shower Block as you enter the Pool site from the main gates.

It can be accessed by any member of the public and is available for use all the year round. The Pool and the team of Lifeguards has the code to access the Defibrillator box immediately.

Any member of the public making a 999 call will be given the location of the nearest Defibrillator and the code to access it.

Photo: lifeguard training at Lazonby Pool