Photo: kiosk at Lazonby Pool

Charity & Volunteers

Lazonby and District Swimming Pool Association Ltd. is a registered charity and limited company, run by a voluntary committee.

The Pool was built in 1964 by a local team of volunteers and a campaign headed by Lazonby School Head Teacher, John Hume. An Association of local villagers and representatives from local councils and schools managed it. In 2008 Lazonby & District Swimming Pool Association became a charity and Company Limited by Guarantee. The Pool is in it’s 54th year in 2018!

Lazonby Swimming Pool is heated by Green Energy! During the summer months when the pool is open, thermal energy is taken from the River Eden and used to heat the pool to a rather pleasant 25 degrees C +. There is still an energy cost in terms of running the compressor/pump, but this energy is being used to 'move' heat rather than 'make' it. This means that the whole system is very efficient and costs a lot less to run than a system that might use a boiler or immersion heater.

We employ a Lifeguard/Pool Manager, a Team of Lifeguards and a cleaner. All other helpers are volunteers.


We have a team of willing volunteers that help with a variety of tasks that ensure the Pool runs smoothly throughout the year (and not just through the Summer opening hours!!).

Interested in helping?

Have you practical skills, committee expertise or interest? Want to help with work-parties or kiosk shifts?

Come along and see how the Pool continues to be a vibrant part of the community through the summer season or express your interest by emailing:

Our kiosk is run by volunteers who help take entrance money and serve hot and cold snacks, refreshments and ice creams. The Pool cannot open without a Volunteer in the Kiosk - so we really do rely on this help throughout the season. If you would like to help in the kiosk then please drop in to find out more about what it involves. Or contact: to find out more.

Before you decide to help on a regular basis why not try it out for an hour (bring a friend if you wish - several people do their shifts in pairs).